Tuesday, 11 March 2008

In other, and lighter News ....

The Fargleston Flingers won first prize in the Fargleston all county 'fella flinging' competition that took place this past Saturday!
Charley (37), their befreckled handler, said that she was 'Over the moon' with the result and that 'The boys have worked very hard learning their routine and it's paid off.'
The lads themselves commented that they would be glad to share their winnings with the three 'torch juggling' victims from our earlier report. Isn't that nice.

highlander torch-ers gang !

Late yesterday evening a man was arrested on charges of torching and 'playing with' some small time mischiefists.
"He was dressed like a girl" said one aye witness.
The small men later admitted that they had been wiping eggs on the man's garage door 'As a jape, like' when they were captured and set upon by the large 'Crustie'.

hamstropolis prisoner

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