Wednesday, 14 July 2010

don't sniff any drugs

release day fail

The new communication devices came out today
and as usual, green triangle wasn't up to date with modern conventions.

yellow communication device with red glou

It had always been like this, it's just that now,
green triangle thought that the world had moved on,
that the world had become enlightened.
It had ...
... it's just that now it was enlightened by a brownish orangey glou and not a red one.

poor green triangle.
fail again.

Monday, 5 July 2010


I punched a goat.
I punched it in the throat. I punched it then wrote
"I punched a goat"
on the wall near your moat.
on the way home from the moat I saw a stoat, I said
"I punched a goat". I cleared my throat
and then said again to the stoat
"I punched a goat"
the stoat said nothing so I punched it in it's throat
I punched it then wrote
"I punched a stoat" on a nearby boat.
It's probably your boat, now that I think of it, I mean it's moored by your moat so it must be your boat.
Shit, was that your stoat ?
I know it wasn't your goat, because I think someone punched it in the throat. I saw your goat, Derek, and he was fine.
I'm planning to punch that goat again, but I'm building a wooden puncher so I can punch that goat by remote.
Punch it in it's stupid throat.
I hate that goat.

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman