Monday, 26 May 2008

oh sure, he wrote a lot ....

.... but he was the scribe of lies ....
All the children in the town thought he was both weird and clever
in simultaneity.
They would tease him for being so shy, but at the same time
asking him to read them more 'stories from beyond the hills'.
He was filling their heads' with lie after lie, preparing them for his
and as we all know ....
Revenge is a dish best served ... several years later when probably
the only person who remembers what the revenge is for is the
forgotten child .... now grown to a gnarled husk of a man, seeking
payback for nothing more than a few pickings on.
None the less, Plackard Forgrowler would have this sad petty
Oh yes.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

still working even in the early hours

The D.A. thought Trouble was getting too old for this.
Well fiddlesticks to the damn D.A.
Yea. Even when Detective Proodle from downtown
came by with a hot coffee, He wouldn't stop.
Once divining started Trouble was like a man possesed.
He had never lost one yet, and Dogsby wasn't the worst
of them.
It would just take time. It would just take .... time.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Divining for Dogsby

'Trouble' Pratchet was used to divining. He even had his own rods.
He'd done it twelve times before.
This time would be different. This time he was looking for a killer.
This time he would be divining for Dogsby, notorious for hiding in
cat piles.
It would be a long day.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Even now, years later, She took his birthday wishes.
Only He didn't notice anymore. He had forgotten such
childish things.
With the onset of his puberish growth, He was preoccupied
with his unruly voice and ridiculous hair ....
..... and so, the cirtle was complete.
Yes, the cirtle.
It's like a circle, but concerning stories of retribution.
Her wish, each and every year of stolen wishes, was to
have a man by her side, one she could love and who sounded
a bit like Trevor, her childhood sweetheart.
That's what she was getting, only it was in the shape of her
very own son.
He, cursed to be adolescent for all time,
and she, to have no other man beside her (as her son was so silly to behold.)

the reachers

Much like you're horse or camel, a recent upsurgence in
'Backhangers' has been reported in the suburbs of Paris.

The term 'backhanger' is a misleading one, as it refers to the carrier,
not the carried.
Pictured above, the taller individuals are treated no better than
working animals, carrying and shopping for slumlords and
cheese barons.
While the 'backmasters' play, laugh and scheme amongst themselves.
A full report at eleven ....

Monday, 12 May 2008

the stolen wish.

It wasn't HER birthday at all, but with his weak young mind he couldn't stop her just wishing his wish.
She had done this before and would do it again.
Oh how she wished, that taker of wishes.
Leaving child after child, sitting wishless.
Her uppance would eventually come.
In true form, too, from a fitting place.
One of her wishes would backfire. Of course it would.
There's no escaping from the hell of your own making.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

exploring Zeteos' limits.

Step 1:
Meeting Room 7:
The initial discussion on what to do with the technology.
It just takes far too long, Flaria just won't take things seriously, making chairlady Charlotte loose her rag a bit, you can see it there.

Step 2:
Scientific deconstruction.
Karen was the sciencer, but the 'executive sciencer', Goggles, was just far too 'gloves on' and annoying. This just left Karen annoyed and demotivated.
Again, progress was slow.

Step 3:
"We don't know what they're for, but once we cross breed them with pineapples, they're nicer than a rotten orange, and you can't argue with that."
- Marble Tubor a.s.d. (Executive statement reader for 'The Limits' project and professional model).

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman