Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sisters ! Sisters !
Two best friends married two sisters. As you can see there from this entirely truthful and candid photo, Calbage (People call him cabbage but he insists it's pronounced Cal-baaajj) ... Cabbage is a little worried about the one he got. He thinks the other sister is the precious flower and he ended up with the 'bunch of ham' as he called her.
Brother number two, on the other hand, sat there at the front ... he's happy with his winningz, but nevertheless he shows frightful concern on his heads face about the impending post nuptualisations.
He's not sure he's ready for the slap and tickle of this evenings consummations.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Look ! It's a warm up, you see there, they're warming up to each other there.
They're there.
They are.
It's time for a new breath of this here bobble org.
Hello Zete, you're the beak-on of light on the horizon dear charp.


hamstropolis prisoner

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