Friday, 24 October 2008

love that Halloween

Spanger and Thomas.

They Love Halloween and so do I.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

she just didn't fit in

Prussia, 1887.
She had hopes of having a child like like herself.
When he was born her heart at once felt the bittersweet
dichotomy of maternal joy and genetic repulsion.
For it was clear that her boy, this little hard shelled wonder would
take after her husband.
They were told that his shell would recede in time and that he would
probably be more of a hybrid, since his father was a pure breed,
surely HE, being only a semi-crust would eventually become more
like her.
She secretly wished.
Was he doing it deliberately, she wondered. Of course not ...
but he was, against all medical suggestiboles, even MORE Lobstarian
than his father.
Even in sepia photography his colours would come through.
He seemed more confident than all the other boys in school.
His difference made him special. Like his exoskeleton protected him
from their harsh words. As the years wore on, the men of the family
grew closer, and she more remote.
Buschinka was not so resilient as her son Clicky-Hans.
Her heart grew dry and sad.
Now, Her hopes lay in this new child. For she was four months
Maybe this time she would have a girl, maybe this time it would be
born with a dolphins tail and hoofs, like her mother and not hideous
like her boys.
Her beloved boys.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Born of a world torn asunder

Post war. The first family to have the gift of a child.
As a result of all the war years working in a bomb factory,
Fanny Hamchild's uterian business was mangled.
Only the handy tinkerings of her husband, Metalorion
(who was in fact Hubert Metal, the anchient god of metalwork)
- it was only his handy tinkerings that restored her insides to a
usable state.
So there it was, not 9 but 14 months after conception (allowing for
smelting and setting of the support strutts) that our little friend
was born.
Panface Hamchild was his name, taking his mothers name to ensure
the anonymity of Hubert.
Panface might one day amount to something, only time would tell.

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman