Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Unwanted little attention

Robert Dullgoody (pictured below) was the unwilling recipient of little attention.

Dr. Robert Dullgoody was attacked early yesterday and 'smothered
with care' when he was accidently sprayed with 'little pheromones'
in his laboratory in Colby (outside Kendelburrow).
The little man lab was set up in 1987 to try to find a way to extract
the little fellas' abundant 'happy' and mass market it to the depressed.
Dr Dullgoody was 'Frantically close' to a massive breakthrough when,
out of carelessness, he dropped a test tube of 'happy752' on his desk,
spraying himself with the stuff.
"It was just careless", said Dr Dull, going on to comment
"This project, regardles of any small accident is still very close to
completion, people should be able to enjoy Fellamones (tm) in time
for Christmas. Then I can concentrate on my next big thing.
When asked what they thought of the recent little activity the
depressed seemed fairly downbeat, one replied
"I'm not bothered, whatever."
'Little' is known of the finer details of Dr. Dullgoody's next project,
but he better wash his butter fingers before he starts ...


Mick said...

solid feckin gold big man

I am gonna use some Brian extract that I extracted when we got ya drunk.. yep gonna make me a vest out of it... an incredibly thin vest... aaaaaaaaaaand am a gonna wear it... yes sir

boxof said...


hamstropolis prisoner

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