Sunday, 8 February 2009

prof john murbles, inventer of the Ninambulator

He was going to call it his 'steeromotor', but his son, Ninepence just
wouldn't shut the SHUT up about it.
"Callitafferme ! callitafferme ! mlea mlea mlea".
That's what he kept saying, even the mlea bit.
So after about three weeks of this, the Prof just broke and Nine'
got his way.
He shouldn't have crumbled though, because his name was forgotten
and Nine's went down in history.
Ninepence Murbles. Inventor of the vehicle you and I now know
as the Ninambulator.

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Mick said...

where would we be without it ey??? I ask you, ey??? i tell your where, down the garage or crying into a Mr Chef roadside eaterie thinking about how bad it all is. Thank fuppin ganesh that sense prevailed

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