Tuesday, 22 September 2009

second place: headphone jacker

Merely 14 SECONDS after leaving his cave Morcombe was robbed.
He was away in his own world, fiddling with his MyPod (tm) and there,
up a running, came that wildernal menace, that shameful forest fiend - the headphone jacker.
"muffim duh eaffome yh muffuh fuffah"
"sorry, what?"
"ham um offah fuffa"
"Is that a gun made of wood ? is that YOU there Tom?"
"liffa ..." [rolling up the bottom of his 'clava] ... "give me the earphones"
"OOOHHH, do you mean my headphones ?"
"They're earphones"
"Well, they're more on my head really."
"They're also on your ears, aren't they? now hand them ofer"
".. but now that we're talking I've taken them off my ears but they're
still on my .... " everything went black.
Morcombe woke up some time later, in fact it was dawn that woke him.
The sound of birds and bears pushing trees over in the nearby woods
startled him to awakeys.
"Awe shit"

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