Sunday, 2 May 2010

don't TRUST seven10

My name is Fillip. I own a small part of grass on the left side of a
cobbledey stone wall here in Beanlandland.
Seven10 owns the grass on the other side of the wall.
We don't talk much, we never have ...
I've never really liked the way he moves.
plus my dog, cartoon, thinks he smells all wrong too.
Today he asked me over to his grass to chat ...I didn't think much of it, maybe he just wanted to end the
distance between us.
Maybe he wonders about my grass sometimes.
So here I am, on his side of the wall here.
It's nice on this side, just different really.
What's that knifey thing behind his back.
Oh, perhaps this is a trap here.
What should I Do, Children ?

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