Friday, 8 October 2010

this is Remo

"Hello, I'm Remo" said Remo.
Remo has monkeys for hands.He loves monkeys and having them for hands,
although not without it's drawbacks,
is reasonably good fun.
Remo used to be an avid player of pianoforte.
He was never particularly good, not by any means,
but now his opus was just a complete right off.
So on this day, today, Remo was feeling happy,
content ... you might even say Chipper.
He was chipper because today he met someone.
Someones, to be exact.
Remo was at the zoo,
as these days he often was,
but today he was at the monkey cage and he met it's newest dwellee.
There lives there, now, a small chimp called Trebor.
Trebor was a weak and flaccid mammal,
but on the end of each of Trebors arms was a beautiful lady
Called Florence.
On the end of a flaccid monkeys arms.

Twins, called Florence.

Remo was overcome with a new kind of feeling.
His monkeys tingled with excitement and he himself tangled with chipper and warm.
Today, the best day all three of them had had in over four years.
The day,
the night of which, all three of them would die
... at the hands of twins called Florence at the end of a flaccid monkey's arms.

Nap softly, Remo, and farewell.

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