Monday, 7 February 2011

it was day 5 and Peanut and Elephant sat silent

After the wreckage floated out to sea
and Elephant had blamed Peanut for not tying it to the tree
conversation had been stifled at best.
That was on Friday and now,
they hadn't spoken since first light.Peanut had started to feel weird glances from his island friend.

Elephant's tummy rumbled again.

'Tired.' Peanut thought to himself.
'SO Tired.'

Elephant stared at him, unblinking.

'SO Tired. Can't sleep. Can't trust him' Thought Peanut.

'All this salt in the air is making me hungry' Elephant spoke out loud.

Peanut thought about waiting until Elephant fell asleep and just launching himself out to see.
Where would he get a bottle to break against his husk ?
The last launching bottle was on the raft that had drifted away days ago.
Peanut was not one for over formalizing things,
but launching without a bottle was simple not the done thing.
So he sat, he sat and he hoped that they would be saved soon.
Peanut and his island friend.

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