Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Beardy Bees.

You've heard of the beard of bees. The bath of beans. Even the bath of
bees, but for my next big feat I 'WAS' working on a beard of beans ...
But the bees just kept jumping on the bandwagon, which just made it
look like another beard of bees, and NOT - which it was- a beard of
Beesy beans
... it turns out that once you've trained bees to 'be' the beard, that's
all they want to do.
The bath of bees only worked because I sunk down into it so that my
beard level was below bath level, so basically that was a massive big
beard of bees in a bath.
I still have nightmares about the bath of beards ....
Anyway, so having failed those, and having it pointed out to me that
a 'Bees of beards' doesn't work because that's just a sculpture of some
bees made from beards .... I'm left with only one option ....
Beardy Bees.
You have to get the tinyest 7 blade gillette mini razor
and delicately shave each bee ... within weeks they are all sporting
stubble of great potential .... guiness 'pamphlet of moderately
interesting feats', here I come.

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