Saturday, 7 June 2008


College Students.
The terrorizers of tiny men everywhere.

Every college in every town or city in the WORLD.
No country stands alone in it's innocence.
Our field researcher has found evidence of this
behaviour as early as 1967 in the dormitories at A.D.U.
(Abu Dhabi University)
The first few weeks of every new year, from
September 'til the Tuesday before Halloween, all new
students gather together to have what they call
'fella eating contests'.
If this isn't horrific enough, we are beginning to have
reports from local households near Universities
that little men have gone missing as early as June,
suggesting that these events are more solidly organised
and that SOMEONE is holding these men against their
will' for months on end, fattening and basting
them in time for these 'ritual tastings'.
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