Monday, 22 December 2008

It's All a Big Laugh Until Somebody Cries

Oh yes, Oh GREAT fun. Driving and laughing, full of beans.
Yule h'tide cheer and everything going past so fast.
O-drink sucked like there'll be no tomorrow.
There'll be no tomorrow.
Not for you two young and wrestling types.
Not watching the road, not watching the sky, just laughing
and looking so enthralled into each others peep holes.
Not seeing the tree.
The big one, under which they first fell so deeply.
Such ends their love, as it began. Drinking O-drink under the
hulking oak. Only when they met, there had been an explosion
of life and colour all about. Now in their final moment the
vehicular explosion was shorter lived.
As were there lives.
Damn you O-drink. Damn your ....
"G-G-G-Grab a dab of O"
Get it up your FACE !

-the previous entry was sponsored by O ! Grab it.

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