Friday, 28 November 2008


picture a man covered in cans.
He wears them in order to tickle his fans.
- tickle their fancy, you understand, in an emotional
way, not physically and giggly no, not today -
His fans are people who have a fetish for cans.
They love to see people with cans in their hands.
They didn't expect him to be COVERED in cans,
but that's not all, that's just the start of his plans:
He wants to blow their minds, freak them out, excite!
every single one, with no exception, and he might
just be able to pull it off
He's rigged up a spring, one under each tin,
and pulled a wee string and tethered it to his shoe.
So when they are all excited and seem like they could
take no more.
He gives them more.
Upon the floor, he starts to tap.
just slightly at first and then, in a burst, he's jumping
around like a mental clown ....
Every string pulls every spring and every can jiggles
and tin-tans and the fans just can't handle this ....
Each and every one. stunned. Can barely breath with
the extreme excitement and awe.
Each and every one.
too .... much .... fun .....
"Can fans found catatonic in disused warehouse."
reads the newspaper article.
Dan the can man has struck again. Again.

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