Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I know you know that.

It's your catchphrase an' all. Too many zombies. Wider. Now with
realistic flame lighting (tm)


boxof said...

too many zombies, that's where I got that from.
always, when I tell, no, when I SHOUT at people I always say,
except for one time, in Left4Dead, just 'cos it's a game an' all and it's not so much OKAY, but vaguely acceptable.

Too Many Zombies said...

Yeah well I do always say that. Haven't played Left4Dead but I take issue not so much with the running zombies but with the use of '4' instead of taking the time to write the word. I know it probably saved on printing costs but did they pass those savings on to the consumer?


They did not.

boxof said...

... again I forgive it, it's because there are 4 characters, and they've all been left for dead. I think it's actually the only time in recorded history where I've been okay with it, because they didn't do it out of lazy but to actually cram as much information into a shorter space.
Left for Dead: a potentially four player game about surviving the (running) zombie apocalypse ... doesn't quite have the punch.... but like I say, the ONLY time I've been okay with it .... maybe I forgive such things of a truly brilliant set of games ...
although the second one reads like football results, but in zombie apocalypse terms .... 'left 4, dead 2'

boxof said...

oh yea ... i meant to say ... would you believe they DID pass those savings on to the consumer .... I got the 'savings2the consumer' pack in which you get some 'free' letters.
i hate those abbreviations, even when i'm short of characters in a text message I won't use 4's and 2's. It is NOT big and it is NOT clever ... that's what the 50 foot Steven Hawking is for ...
(tag line) You think you're clever ? Think again ... he's big and he's clever and he's angry at all you little 'walkies'.
Attack of the 50 foot Steven Hawking
- in theaters this hhhoooliday seeeaason

eat-a-heaps said...

they should have given it some umpf, by calling it "left 4 dead too"... back in the habit.

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