Thursday, 5 November 2009

the untrained child

Camapula came over to say hi, she had her son with her.
Jeremy just flew off the handle and went off on one.
"I will not have that untrained child in my dwellings, here"After the crash Jeremy's two sons drifted from him.
They blamed him for their mothers death.
Jeremy had accepted this to maintain the clean name of his wife,
who was actually the one driving.
She was drunk and Jeremy was passed out in the back.
He awoke to the sound of her singing bat out of hell by meatloaf
and the vision of a tree smashing through the dashboard and
wooding the shit out of her face there.
So as he dragged her from the wreckage and held her tightly in
his fingerless blue arms, he knew he couldn't let her memory
be this ....
... so he decided to claim it to be his mistake.
He had never told anyone the truth, and so their sons had
blamed him all these years.
Now, fourteen years later, his new girlfriend, Camapula wanted
to move in .... but he could not sufficiently explain his unwillingness
to accept her unruly child ... but I just thought you should know.
So that's just between him and us. Don't tell Camapula.
You know, it wasn't just this 'back. story' He also just didn't like
her untrained child.

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