Wednesday, 7 May 2008

exploring Zeteos' limits.

Step 1:
Meeting Room 7:
The initial discussion on what to do with the technology.
It just takes far too long, Flaria just won't take things seriously, making chairlady Charlotte loose her rag a bit, you can see it there.

Step 2:
Scientific deconstruction.
Karen was the sciencer, but the 'executive sciencer', Goggles, was just far too 'gloves on' and annoying. This just left Karen annoyed and demotivated.
Again, progress was slow.

Step 3:
"We don't know what they're for, but once we cross breed them with pineapples, they're nicer than a rotten orange, and you can't argue with that."
- Marble Tubor a.s.d. (Executive statement reader for 'The Limits' project and professional model).

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Mick said...

important questions raised, given cups of tea then cruelly snubbed. It appears your experiment was not only heavily soiled by the nonproffessionalismistic nature of the panel but also it looks that a lot of 'face' was lost during the scenario's re-enactivision.... to cut a long story short... I pity the fool

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman