Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Even now, years later, She took his birthday wishes.
Only He didn't notice anymore. He had forgotten such
childish things.
With the onset of his puberish growth, He was preoccupied
with his unruly voice and ridiculous hair ....
..... and so, the cirtle was complete.
Yes, the cirtle.
It's like a circle, but concerning stories of retribution.
Her wish, each and every year of stolen wishes, was to
have a man by her side, one she could love and who sounded
a bit like Trevor, her childhood sweetheart.
That's what she was getting, only it was in the shape of her
very own son.
He, cursed to be adolescent for all time,
and she, to have no other man beside her (as her son was so silly to behold.)

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