Friday, 28 November 2008

Cartoon Elephant or DRUGS RING ?

Tuesday, November 14th 2008. After following a lead from one
of our snitches we burst down the door or Apt. 217, 5546 Venue
One of the suspects, dressed as Cheetara the thundercat tried to
bash Henderson on the skull with a rubber trunk, luckily I caught
him mid swing and managed to get off a shot. Unfortunately his
head exploded. Damn this triple barrel special.
So here, pictured, is what we stormed in on.
The surviving suspects lead us to believe that it was a 'huffing
station' whereby the volunteer monkey walks and tokes ...
supposedly this creates euphoria in the subject, which then creates
an even MORE potent chemical in the expelled air. This chemical
is contained and then bottled for black market resale.
I was not so convinced. This explanation seemed all too easy.
My sources have since confirmed my fears ..... this was in fact an
Elephant motion capture station. They hire monkeys to make like
elephants, at a fraction of the cost and a maximum resale value.
Elephants are going out of business and monkey kind are being
The most heinous new development is that they are doing
BOTH at once.
Capturing the motion of monkey pretending to be an elephant
AND harvesting the expelled de-oxygenated drug.

Be vigilant my fellow citizens.


pBn said...

damn those Mocap sweatshops. They should all be hanged.

Fan of Sir said...

i was really interested in the "huffing station"....darn!

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