Thursday, 6 November 2008

why do they make it so hard, it's frustrating

When the devil knight runs at you with his magic sword of cat-nails
you have to sidestep, medium attack three times, jump and then
heavy attack. Then, you use you're anti-cat defence whip four times,
THEN you jump again, light attack, jump and then the knight goes
into phase one of 17 changes .....
Queen Tugg just didn't have the 'skillz'.
"I mean, what the FECK is that ? Why do they make it so hard that
you can't even beat him. This is stupid."
I don't think the lacy gloves really helped.
It turns out that that's why he was such an Iron fisted ruler, that
and being named queen instead of king.
such is life my queen, such is life.

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