Wednesday, 1 July 2009

he thought he was dapper

... did our Mr. Julian.
He sort of was, but at the same time seemed scary.
For what Mr. Julian was oblivious to was the apparitious quality of his hat.It seemed to mothers and fathers and carers and such, that their
children in tow were afraid of his dapper hat. Some simply thought
that Julian was a bit creepy and that's what the wee'n's were against.
What lay behind the children's eyes was the truth.
They were the only folk, young as they were, to be able to see the
upside spectral loitering as it happened.
This was hardly noticed by Mr. Julian, overly proud of his dapprism and
as he would say himself ....
'I's never did like brats any up road, and no mistake ses I'.
Ses you indeed Mr. Julian, ses you 'in of the a deed'.


Laurie Cannon said...

watch that colorful language,
derblest you...

Jonathan said...

Is that a ghost or a shadow..or both! Only Swayze and Goldberg know for sure.

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman