Sunday, 26 July 2009

the maracaman cometh

Is that like a comet ?
No, cometh, like 'moves towards' or 'approaches'.
It's olden days speak.
Oh. Oh right, why's that then ?
Why is what then ?
Why old speak ? What's wrong with 'comes at you'.
Well, it's literary sort of stuff, like, you know, it's more interesting
than 'comes at you'.
Oh right yea [fading fast]
Oh [enthralled by a bird sitting on the table outside the window]Is that it ? Is that your entire attention span ?
Oh right yea [just repeating to fake attention]
I HATE YOUR FACE [crumples up paper and leaves]
(leaves the scene, not crumples up leaves, like off trees, no sir)


Jonathan said...

I liketh how the standing arm hotdog wants to eateth the other guy's ice cream cones.

tomm said...

The always groovey dreamer Cometh

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman