Thursday, 1 January 2009

crosseyed strays

The Larpy FamilyThey would have been happy own normal looking dogs, but as it was,
perhaps because of their own closely set peepers,
people with feckeyed canines thought that the Larpys would make
perfect masters.
They did. They were a lovely family.
"They're a lovely family", people would say.
Little Larry (pictured between his parents) liked cats, but his parents
didn't believe in mixing species in a household.
Larry Larpy, as much as he really DID like dogs ....
... opened his own feckeyed cat santuary when he was 19.
Later he expanded and took in dogs too, for he believed that all
'ocular position impaired' animals were equal. Even beadyeyed pigs
and goofy looking horses.
His parents would visit but never really say anything about the mixing.
They supposed that it was his adult right to choose. He thinks that they
even mellowed in their shady years, and thought well of him for being
so kind.
The Larpy legacy lives on.
Sure aren't they nice people, look at them there.

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Spil said...

i say i say i say,
my dog has no eyes...
how does he look then?
he looks quite lovely.

...Apart from the whole eye thing...

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