Thursday, 1 January 2009

He might have been a leader

.... but he was a feckin' bully

Always with the headlocks and the tripping. Officer Dennis was
always joking around.
"Oh I've stabbed myself with my sword"
"LOOK OUT ! the locals are attacking"
Worst of all was how he treated Harry Brown, the squad's cook. Here we
see him in a typical headlock.
This was the last such photo of Dennis, for in camel's back terms, this was
the last and final, and heaviest clump of straw. Thus breaking the hump.
Cookie Brown had had enough.
As Dennis stumbled back into the mess hall, shouting
"Stabbed, by god. Stabbed ... with my ... own ... ceremonial .... swoord"
The soldiers just laughed, as usual, a laugh of duty.
It wasn't until luncheon was finished and Briggs noticed the carpet thick pool
of blood beneath Officer Dennis, that everyone realised he had ended.
With the blunt end too.
Officer Dennis.
Gone, missed, mourned. His death however was never investigated.
I suppose that says more than anything.
Don't bully.

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