Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wait !

You almost forget yer hook.
She was sick of 'babysitting'.
"He's not even a baby anymore, mother, why can't
he just look after himself"
"You KNOW his head spins loose, Mariet, you know he's practically
a garden fence in the brains department." Said Momma Gaspod
"Besides, I'm busy inventing the 'garbage disposal unit' and I'm very
close now, so please, watch the boy won't you"
Mariet, grumble faced as usual, attended to her brother.
"Go I fishim" bluttered Felt.
"Yes, you are going fishing", she couldn't be mad at him.
He was what he was, and after all her complaining Felt was her brother.
"Catch fad fishim GOOD"
"Yes, yes you probably will. Supper is at seven I think"
Mariet understood her brother like no one else could.
One day, her years of helping him would pay off.
In 1905 Felt Gaspod won first place in the fishhook bend-off of North
Mallard county.
The 'loose necked idiot' they called him.
By now he was 19 and his neck was indeed loose. He had learned to
ignore peoples taunts. Not only did he win, but on the way out of the
stadium he saved a mans life.
His sister, thinking fast, instructed Felt to use his winning unbent hook
and enjugulate it into nurse Amy's neck. She was choking on a seed and
if not for Mariet's quick thinking, she should surely have passed.
"Stick I neck neck"
Felt Gaspod. Loose necked wonder of North Mallard.

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Mick said...

only tears can follow such beautiful unbent story licking

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by aBowman