Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Epilogue type thing.

Now we have the turn, the reversal.
The prize was indeed a wondrous one. The xbox of Chankoom.What Peter 'the blood red one' did not foresee, was the curse that
follows the prize. You see, he just ran off in high spirits when he found
out about the prophecy, not turning the page and reading the post
script which clearly lays out the flip side, the curse that accompanies
the box. That's hot headed monkeys for you.
It is this :
Monkey kind can not handle video games.
He was doomed to sit, sort of but not really understanding how to play.
Sort of, but not really 'getting' the controls. Sort of but not really
enjoying himself (for every game would default to hard).
Sort of (but not really) for all time.
He was cursed now, Peter, to sit and to stare.
Even in years to come, when his body fails and is naught but a husk.
When the blood red has gone from his cheeks and he is just dark
red-ish brown.
Then, when he has become what is further prophesied as
'The dark red video game zombie monkey of Chankoom' ...
... then, it is said, another chosen one shall come, and with true
knowledge and skill, get passed the boss on level 7, and free Peter
from his, sort of but not really, torturous hell.
That, however, is another story ....


Laurie Cannon said...

ta da!

boxof said...

this tale, it was a long road.
for a while there i didn't think we'd make it.
but together -turns to camera-
we did it.

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