Friday, 15 May 2009

ghasp! shocking report :

In recent news ... FAKE !
National news of heat-a-'eat-a-heaps' recently ran an article of such
pink, hideous lies that it pains 'wu' here at ofsquinTS to 'out' it.
However, out we must, and out we shall ....
- take THAT Bembridge scholars.


Laurie Cannon said...


(my comment word verification is "gopyrify". I always feel like noting those.)

boxof said...

i think i'd like that job.
to sit and monitor blog postings
and think of words to ask people
to repeat.
although 'refera' isn't one of
your best efforts, johnny verification.

Laurie Cannon said...

How about 'retermr'?
That's for real.

Laurie Cannon said...

And 'chlextu'--which sounds Inkin'--
I mean Incan.
Okay, I'll stop now.

eat-a-heaps said...

I am appalled. As offerancer of the original post I can only be the first to extend all and any sincerised apoligism on behalf of myself and any others of which there aren't that were involved.
On behalf of myself and no other, the only statement I feel I can issue in response is "euratisw"

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman