Friday, 15 May 2009

mmmm warm and bananular*

here, I just thought of something funnish.
wouldn't it be amusing if you could go to your local tandoorior and
get a banana naan.
I like banana (plural)
I like naan (singular or plural)
why SHOULDN'T I combine said wonders.

from the boxof dictionary of squintology:
*bananular: of or referring to bananular matters - things of a
bananalitic nature -
objects ranging from the bananiscule to the bananigantic.


Laurie Cannon said...

Banananaan would be incredible
better than bananapaancakes

boxof said...

i mean, bananapaancakes are lush
but naan ?
what a world we would live in.
[turns to sunset]
what a world.

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman