Sunday, 10 May 2009

part 9: just when you thought the tale might turn

It doesn't. No. ken is dead there. You can see him there all spiked an' that.
Down in that pit,
- then, now, a swirling, tingling sound rising ...
.... is there going to be some reversal of fortune !??
probably not, I mean ken's dead, clearly ...
.... but IS he !? but wait ! .... no.
No, he really IS dead, I mean who could survive a mad fall like that,
and on to some rusty spikes an' all. There's no way you could survive.
Yet, there is still that swirling tingling sound ....


Laurie Cannon said...

Like all those false alarms with
Austin Power's peeing
-stopped yet?
No, wait a minute...
yes, he's done.
no, wait.

The ocean held its breath for 30 - 37 minutes.

I love your writing

boxof said...

you really do say the nicest things.
That's why I like you.

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman