Tuesday, 9 June 2009

dunce wants out.

a dull-witted, stupid, or ignorant person; dolt.Perhaps outwardly a person can look just fine, but on the inside,
many feel .... many ARE duncish.
Inside the room where he kept his only mirror, Tube would stand
and contemplate how it had come to this. How had it gone this far ?
All he wanted was to subdue 'Flapsy' his alter-dunce ... not trap him.
Not incarcerate him, not like this ... trapped for all time, with only
the equally duncular 'monkley' for company. Once in a while he
would unlock that door and come to visit. There is a moral to be had.
A warm and releasing thought.
Probably something about letting go, about not being so uptight
and not being afraid to let your idiot show.
... but if you can't do that ... keep that door locked, for if'n yer not
free then that dunce can run amuck. A crazy muck indeed ...


Laurie Cannon said...

Sorry. Me again.
I was just reading about this earlier today.

The guy who's locked the dunce in
dialogs with Dunce ("We're in this
together, Dunce - you 'n' me"), and then he (Dunce-jailer) turns around and dialogs with Big Brother Buddha - who serves them tea under a palm tree and keeps saying stuff like, "Rest, rest."
Something like that.

eat-a-heaps said...

Oscar Wilde wrote a story like this. Its called "Hufty and Bang-Bang go to the shops".
A literaru-rary classic no less.

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