Friday, 12 June 2009

Siblings in the Swimwater family unit.

Stacy and Martin were her children from her first marriage.Dolphinia was her child with her new husband, Martin Swimwater.
She called her 'the little bottlenose of her eye'. She wasn't great
with nicknames.
Martin Swimwater, the first person to denounce Harold Lloyd.
Founder of the first oceanographic institute of dolphin harmonics
and flipper therapy, Tampa Bay; America.
Anyway, Stacy, the younger brother but now the dreaded
'middle child' would often tease Dolphinia. One time he stuffed her
blow hole with raw banana, because he 'wanted to see if it bubbled up'.
It wasn't until Dolphinia was bullied by some children at school that
Stacy came to defend his sister.
Dolphinia, as it turned out, had learned to shoot whole bananas out
of said hole, a formidable skill indeed. She was suspended for fumping
one of the other kids in the feckin eye with a fairly unripened banana.


Chris David Richards said...

Fumping good stuff.

ama said...

Hi! Hey-lari-uz!


eat-a-heaps said...

I laughed, burped, sicked, farted and shat, all at the same time.
...into a tiny tea spoon. I then heated the teaspoon over a naked flame, dipped in an iron symbol baring words "boxof" and cauterized the measure into my forehead so as to never forget the occasion I bore witness to the humerousness in the supplied image.
I am clapping ferociously you tremendous human you.

Mick said...

ho ho... just today a kid flushed a puppy down the toilet... it was on the news... a plumber came along and pushed it out... everyone laughed at the shitty wee critter

boxof said...

oh, no way, it wasn't just flushed in 'been sat for hours' water, it was in actual soiled water ?
that's WAY harsh. but still, puppies, as eat-a-heaps can tell us, are good for fudge .... [wink wink]

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