Sunday, 7 June 2009

pictured, from left to right : Tea. Frances Candlestream and Jennifer Ennifer.

man Frances and Jennifer were friends.
man Frances liked Jennifer 'in that way', but Jennifer wasn't sure.
Jennifer liked tea.
man Frances just got the impression that Jennifer didn't like him
'in that way'.
She did though, well, she just wasn't sure, as she also liked tea, as I've
said there, that's twice now.
So last Tuesday (pronounced Chews-day) Frances walks in to the
common kitchen area to find Jennifer making a nice cup of tea.
"Oh. Hi"
"Oh Hi Fran the man, hah, what about Sandra in that meeting, can
you BELIEVE she agrees with the merger? having a good day are you?"
"Fine, I suppose. I see you two are having a GRAND old time."
"What? Who two? It's just me" - Jennifer leans in, hushingly to tea-
"And my lovely Tea"
"I heard that. I HEARD you. You think I don't see you ? I don't HEAR?
Everyone can HEAR and I can't stand it any longer."
"Listen, Franny man, about me and Tea"
-Frances closes his eyes and raises his brows- "Yes?"
"Well. It's just complicated right now .... things are just so confusing
for me. I don't know which way is up anymore."
-Frances opens his eyes and looks at Jennifer-
"I have to go, I can't talk about this .."
-he stabs his gaze towards tea-
"With HIM here."
Tea says nothing.
man Frances turns to walk out, pauses and half turns back. He points
to the ceiling and looks at Jennifer all sarcastish like.
"That way is up"
He starts to walk out whilst holding her gaze and as he turns his head
whacks it the FECK off the door.
"Shut up ! Just, SHUT the SHUT UP" -and storms out, holding his eye.


Laurie Cannon said...

Charming drawing, plot,
and 'sarcastish'.

boxof said...

it's a huge drama and we're better off out of it.

stefan said...

I've seen that happen too many times. Tea can cause so much trouble in the wrong hands. I think over here it's less of a problem - with it being the national drink and all that but in Themerica it's still seen as a bit new and 'different'.

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