Monday, 8 June 2009

preparing the octopals

yes. the sensation of the year, backstage, being pruned.They giggle as they get ready. Is it the high of the cheering crowd?
Perhaps it's the hooch. Perhaps it's the cigar smoke, but something
has the Octopals all of a flutter.


stefan said...

It's interesting to see how they used to prepare them in the old days - of course it's all done with machines now - producing as many as 500 an hour.

Mick said...

of course stefen is correct but i feel it is worth noting that the octopals of the past (replete with lead paint and asbestos) had a fuller character and dare i say ... (checks over shoulder in full pantomime 'loose lips sink ships effect', turns back with conspiratal air and lowered voice) 'flavour'

Rumple Stink Skin said...


hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman