Thursday, 1 October 2009

the eaters of free range men

They had the land to themselves, since Pop had passed.Orelga and Grenelda, the Fnoog sisters weren't that old, but were
for all intents and purposes, spinters. This didn't bother either
of them in the least, for two different reasons.
Orelga was 31, and four years from spinster status. This would
normally be enough time to salvage ones ladyhood.
Having been kicked by a passing donkey when she was 14, she had
been ... how shall I put it, 'less than fast' ever since.
Her mental state was not one capable of caring for anything
beyond eating little free range men and women.
Grenelda was only a mere 21 summers old and had the spirit of
fire. She was not like her sister, even before the kicking.
An enlightened woman. A modern woman. A woman of the new
world, with hopes of adventure and excitement.
She was a skilled pilot and bivouaceer
(sleeping bag camp sort of thing).
Since the passing of Pop, mother long since gone ahead, she was
Orel's only family. She tried to teach her sister the ways of
adventure, but Orelga chewed through the holding ropes that one
time and they lost the balloon to the wind and the sky.
Gren had known love on occasion, but once the subject of her
beloved sister arose the relationship soon met it's end.
This was always fine with Gren, for adventure was her true love.
Men, a mere temporary distraction.
It was now September, and the hoof had started to leave the range.
Gren plans to teach Orel the ways of mountain climbing.
Her hope; that her sisters 'retard strength' will serve her well in
this pursuit.
We shall see ... we shall see ....

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Mick said...

haaaaaaaaar ... the end man.. the end made me ... and I hate to write it... it made me 'LOL'

retard strength

that should be the name of a comic, a film, a pick up truck, a tv series exploring the myrid adventures that owe their happy outcome to such a power

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman