Friday, 23 October 2009

Gary and Karl

This is Gary. This is Karl.
They are brothers.Gary is 'into the politicing' as their mother tells the neighbours.
"Ma, stop tellin yer woman nex'door about me, will ye." He would
shout at her.
"When I do the politics it's me own business."
Gary never quite understood the POINT of his running for council.
Karl, on the other hand, hated anything politicular and made no
bones about telling Gary ;
"Them politics a'yurs is shite. st'yupih so they are."
One time (as pictured above) Karl swapped Gary's 'Vote Gary'
badge with an 'I'm 5' birthday badge. People all laughed at him and
'd'luted me bleedn p'litical effectiv'nis in the c'munity' - so he wasn't
one to take pokes at his career very lightly.
He ruined this publicity photo that's for sure.
Ultimately Karl was proven (as he often was) to be right.
Gary dropped out of the politics and went to work with his brother
at the birthday badge factory.
Together they lead the company to become the 4th largest producer
of novelty birthday badges in Dublin. I say 'together', Karl had been
doing perfectly well on his own, but Gary still helped a lot.
In the mid 80's it was Karl's idea, however, to start producing novelty
birthday badges for people OVER 13. It was when they notched the
age up to about 21, and then 50 that things took off.
They suddenly became the TOP manufacturer of novelty birthday
badges in Ireland.
Everything seemed dorey hunky (the traditional way 'round)
.... until now .....

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