Monday, 12 October 2009

voo diddle de what now ?

Two brothers, separated when their parents ate each other, are
lost (one brought up, one practically dragged up) in neighbouring
One is raised with good, 'nice blue voodoo'.
The other raised bad, with
'dark and purple hoodoo', 'and skulls'.
Well, both are raised using skulls, but you know, probably in good
and bad ways respectively.
Raised to hate one another, but along the way they will discover
blood is thicker than water, and that fruit tastes nicer than
raw leg.

This holiday season, go to the cinema and watch:
"Voo diddle de doo"
a buddy movie with hearts (cooked over a nice fire in the jungle)


Mick said...

arrrrrrrr I just read that to my dad and by the look on his face, I can only assume he also regards you as a wonderfilled buffoon

boxof said...

you'll regret those comments when I'M on the set with my midgets in voodoo makeup.
you'll be all
'Awe pleese mista boxo, pleeese ... ohm only tiny and moy lit-ol hands an' FAAce would evah so lav to be in the vudu pickchaa. innit'
Oh yes, with you're americanised 'briddish' accent you will rue.
You will rue.
A 'ruing' you will do ...

... but thank you. there IS an 'I'
in idiot.

Mick said...

and there is a 'foo' in foon... sure it's the big time right after this (looks round at massive items in the way)

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman