Saturday, 17 October 2009

Cyril's curious morning

Yes indeed, Cyril awoke to find a very curious sandwich at the foot
of his foot. What a dilemma, to eat it? To not to?


Mick said...

Cyril is a grand name... just think about it with no prejudice... Cyril... it's about as cool as a name can get

boxof said...

now that i think about it zete, it really IS an okay name, cyril, it's just been durtied over all them years and it's smutted up with prejudicees now. you're full-on right so ye are so ye are.

boxof said...

isn't it mad though how we call it 'si-rille' when it could just as easily be 'kih-rill' - which actually sounds pretty ROCK.

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