Tuesday, 6 October 2009

little Honk, tiny klaum

Smallest of the troop, it's down to little Honk to man the ball.
He HATES manning the ball.His little big klaum feet trip him on nearly exactly half of his
Good thing he doesn't have a nose, else he'd mash it every time.
He wished he was the troop leader's son and all this hardship
would, one day, pay off.
This is not the case, but on the upside, tiny klaum that he is, he
often goes unnoticed when he sneaks out to go to the zoo.
He never gets in, but getting there is half the fun, as they
Honk is a happy enough little fellow, but he SO wishes for more.
He hopes that when the troop leader dies from poisoning
(from the small amounts of phosphorus Honk puts into his tea, by
stirring a match into it every morning) that HE:
Honk Long Jnr. III, will become the new troop leader ...
we shall see ...
In less than seven days, we shall see ....

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