Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Daniel of the Forest

Alone is the protector of nature. Righteous, yes, but always alone.Daniel, at one with many things, both floral and faunal.
He enjoys the crisp fresh air on this October morning .... but this is
no ordinary October morning .... there is a strange sense of time in
the breeze.
Time ?
Yes. Time. Daniel had this sense of time only once before, and it
was seven years ago, when he was first ripped from his home in
15th century Wapping forest (near enough to Sherwood).
Little Daniel Hat, they thought, had been devoured by a Krummle
- a forest dwelling beast, over FOURTEEN feet tall and covered in
bits of wood and leaves and rabbits and some meat, and a nut.
That's not what had happened though.
What HAD happened was that Daniel Hat had been ripped through
time, to 20th century Epping forest - where he lived alone, these
past seven years.
Now, on the breeze, the smell of time once again draws near ....
Daniel doesn't really know that he time travelled though, since he
is still in a forest ... and being medieval an' all, he simply assumed
that the dreaded Krummle had consumed all his friends.
The sounds of planes and things only confirmed the Krummle's
presence. Families playing and camping ? he thought, were just
an elaborate ruse by said beast (A beast now of cult legend).
So in fact, Daniel Hat, just thought that the Krummle was now
returning, to finish the job he started seven years ago ...

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