Monday, 13 April 2009

an answer to a question

Eat A. Heaps aged 7 asked:
Could you please elaborate on the theories of the "drac-acula" phenomenon.

Hi, I feel that I need to talk about this phenomilon, for it is indeed an
importy one.
We have there [pointing there at examples book], werewolves.
We know about them.
We know how they are sort of like normal fellas but go and get bitten
by a werewoof. The origin of the first werewoof is unknown but what
we DO know is that the ol' 'were' phenomilon is not just limited to
caninular bitings.
When a thing bites a person, they take on it's characteristics, as in
the werewolf, or the meremaid or the merecat and so forth.
When a 'dracula' bites a person, they usually just turn into one, but
sometimes they don't turn completely and become man-aculas. Half of
one and half t'other. Man of a day and a dracula at night.
They don't get much sleep really, as you can imagine.
The most unusual (in my opinion) is the case to which I have devoted
both years of my entire adult life. This case is from the early part of
last century, a time when Europe was riddled with the undead biters
of romantic folklore. They were feckin everywhere. Biting MAD they
were. There are more 'movies' than you can shake a stick at.
This incident in question was when a normal dracula mistook one of his
kind for a normal person. The mad result was something bigger and
greater than either one, and the title of my new documentary ....
half dracula and half a different kind of dracula.
The result was more evil and powerful than either dracula had been
on his own.
So remember .... never bite yer own kind, it's mad.
.... also look out for my Film ....
"Drac-acula, a Dracumentary" this holiday season .... mmm MMM

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Mick said...

frightening stuff... I'm Drac-eading going to bed tonigh... no that didn't work did it.

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