Monday, 13 April 2009

Ernerd's lucky day

This is the story of a lucky day in the life of Ernerd Bunt.
You see Ernerd was a salesman, a door to door salesman, but people
tended to laugh at him and slam their door in his face. None of them
slammed it too hard though, which was a pity as Ernerd saw it.
He peddled his wares everywhere and every day.
Always eager to sell, but always happy to 'come back again'.
This day, today, as Ernerd walked up Fumpton Street, he heard a
crash and a smash and he knew. Right then. He knew it was his time.
'Angry man', had lost his keys and punched his door hole open.
Ernerd, the door to door door salesman was, today, making a sale.
Today was his lucky day.

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