Tuesday, 21 April 2009

part 2: simian Interrogation

They won't talk. They're tough little beggers these three.
Persuasion with treats isn't working. Unlike most monkeys, who are
known to be autistic and banana obsessed, these crimson beasts don't
react ... they seem to be mocking captain ken.
Captain Ken dislikes mocking. ... and since there seems no other way, one is picked.
Any one.
The stick is prepared and shown to each of them. Their faces show
no emotion. One sniffs the stick.
Captain Ken walks over to the table, you can see it in the photo there.
He begins to poke at the monkey's foot with the stick.
Then he moves to the chest ... medium poke after medium poke.
It's actually more like a push than a poke.
He stops.
The sound of waves lapping at the hull of the boat ...
A seagull squeals above, breaking the hypnotic sound.
Captain Ken glances at the two other inmates. They stare back.
He looks back at the one on the table.
He raises the stick up towards it's face and suddenly out of the corner
of his eye he sees one of the others reach out a hand.
He turns sharply and the monkey stands, hand outstretched.
That's him.
That's the one.


eat-a-heaps said...

I'm almost afraid to read on.
but I do.

god only knows, but I do.

eat-a-heaps said...

captain ken, that fool!
I just ...hate captain ken.

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