Thursday, 16 April 2009

housecalls were fine, but ....

whenever he was called out to muffin hill, Dr. Bosespeakers was there
all morning. He never payed attention in physiuffinology. He spent his
time trying to get Mary Whatspeakers to touch his manbum.
So every single time, he would have to check every single muffin
until he found the troubled one.
Even then, when he found the one with the slightly lower temperature
he'd be wondering if he put the muffimometer in an embarrassing place.
They never tipped up there neither, not even 5%.
He would spend weeks wondering if this time he really did
'do a mischief' to one of them.
He'd wonder that for weeks, until the next call came.

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Darren said...

F'ing HYSTERICAL!!!!!! I should not have been drinking coffee and reading this at the same time, for I ended up with a coffee nose I need the doctor to visit. And I will touch his manbum.

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by aBowman