Friday, 3 April 2009

did ye ever wonder

about that whole werewolf thing, where if the moon goes behind the
clouds they aren't one.
.. and THEN when the moon comes back out they turn into a wofle ?
Well I did, and it's mad. Does that mean it's just like 'line of sight'
so that if you were one werewolf, all you'd have t'do was close yer eyes.
Maybe all you'd have to do would be to turn yer back on the moon or
to stay indoors.
"What's the story with young Albert Wolfston in No. 17 ?"
"Ah, he's one of them werewolves. The poor lad won't come out at
night, well, unless he WANTS to turn"
"Poor lad"
"Yes. I concur, poor lad"
see ?
It's a mad state of affairs. All the neighbours are talking about it.

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eat-a-heaps said...

Dear dr.squint. I am fully intrigued by your wisdules in matters of were-lads. Could you please elaborate on the theories of the "drac-acula" phenomenon.

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by aBowman