Wednesday, 29 April 2009

part 6: what is known as The Fear Of Chankoom ....

... that's what Ken felt.
At this point, no captain is left .. he is just 'ken'.
With not even a capitol k to his name.
Ken (that's just because it's at the start of a sentence there) stepped
back, that look .... he's wondering 'if i turn and run then my guard
is down and I have my back to him, that can't be wise.
Yea, but if I stay and back away slowly then my face is towards him
and that can't be wise either ... he seems quite angry at my face.
Also my face is where I keep most of my favourite parts.'
-he thought it all much quicker than it reads-
So he sort of turns sideways and continues, um, sidling away ...

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