Thursday, 3 December 2009

31 Days

Watching old cartoons and twilight zone episodes, Never
escaped and fell asleep.
He dreamed of three things.
1) A giant floating plate of beans.
2) A HUGE fork, for the beans.
3) Him eating the beans.
4) ... and a small ginger terrier dog, called Rangar.
FOUR things, he dreamt of FOUR things.The dream floated through his mind like a cloud. He loved his
beans and these giant dream beans were top notch.
In his dream, Never was floating too, that's how he could reach
the big beans. In his dream, however, there was one bean bigger
than the rest ... a semi transparent bigger than big bean, inside
which was a bubbling floating man.
Rangar said something about impending doom, but it just
sounded like a bark to Never, obviously.
At about half past threeNO ...
It was about half way between Three Thirty two and the one
after that ... most of the day lounged away, when Never's cat,
Mr. Crimson, sauntered in ...


Mick said...

a semi transparent bigger than big bean

this story is certainly hotting up wee man... I can hardly wait for the next instalment (he shouts over his shoulder as he apparently goes about his business seemingly devoid of 'can hardly waiting'... but appearances are deceptive and he actually really cannot wait... it just looks like he is going doing something)

Too Many Zombies said...

Mr. Crimson looks shifty. I don't think this is going to end well.

eat-a-heaps said...

elaborate on the beans. Hes made of beans isn't he. I mean thats where all this is going. I'm right aren't I. I bloody knew it. I'm always right. Always right about the beans... ALWAYS BET ON BEANS. ..........bean-s

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