Thursday, 31 December 2009

31 Days

that night, back in the woods, beanchild had a dream.
He dreamed of three things.

1) A giant floating plate of beans.
2) A HUGE fork, for the beans.
3) Never, eating the beans.
and some other floating beans, that's three things, and another one.
Although the floating beans are sort of part of the floating plate of beans.
Beanchild awoke the next morning and smiled.
Neverything was going to be okay.
He got up and reached for some trousers.
Blue ones. Velvet on the inside, normal denim on the out. Side.


stefan said...

Yay! Cracking story. It kepy me guessing to the end.

As it happens I guessed everything wrong too. Either I'm a rubbish guesser or that was a very weird story.

boxof said...

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should get a head shrink to tell me what's on my mind eh.
i won't do that.
Having a small head might be funny though, you know, like in Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse)

Unnecessary J said...

haha this is such an entertaining blog i love it

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman