Saturday, 12 December 2009

31 Days

... a mere seven minutes lasted so much longer ...
the focus of Never's mind on the here and the now made every
second feel like a dozen more.
'Think of something, else ...'
His mind couldn't move any more than his leg, or his other leg
or his arm, or his other hand. Or in fact, the first hand, or the
other arm - I mean basically - or his head- BASICALLY he
couldn't move, neither physically nor mentalically.Every bump & pore like a mountain followed by the deepest of
Every particle of salivary amylase oozed and felt like a smothering
of offensive accosting juices.
In reality it lasted seven minutes. In his mind, it was without time.
For in those seven minutes Never was lost.
That may very well have been the end of Never Pardon.
He went limp and empty.
Then he was there, back in that place ...
... floating in dream. Big beans all around.
Past here, beyond the presence of these big beans was that bigger
than big bean.
Inside which he knew what could be seen ... that floating bubbling
man ... and yes, he was there.
Never placed his hand on it's surface.


Jonathan said...

thanks. the slobber sent me on a cosmic journey, wetly flung through the void of space, winging past the weightless immensities of giant bean planets.

Jonathan said...


hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman