Wednesday, 23 December 2009

31 Days

Through the woganwoods they ran.
Over broken branch and under twisted twig.
Over fallen leaf and under blooming sprig ...iContact, screaming and howling, Crimson faced
and flailing arms ...
closing in ...
Then out in front, as the trees spread before them ...
The chase almost at it's close, they both beheld a sight of sights.
Never and Mandy were confronted by a glow of orangey red.
The sort of glow that raises the temperature of ones cockles.
... and cockles suitably warmed ...


Too Many Zombies said...

Woganwoods? Does a wogan live there?

Happy Christmas to you, Mr.Squints, sir.

eat-a-heaps said...

just thought of "wogandney land". sorry, unrelated. carry on about your affairs.

hamstropolis prisoner

by aBowman